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scout updates: wiring in the rio [updates]

So we're going to make a short post on wiring-in and mounting the RoboRIO, because it's very simple to wire in the RIO. All we really need to do is connect the CAN Bus and the 12V power and test. So let's go for it.

The first thing we did, was take two wires and connect them to the RoboRIO 12V input plug, and the other end to a XT60 connect to go to the power distribution panel of the robot.

Then we plugged in the CANH and CANL wires to the RoboRIO CAN Bus port and the power to the RoboRIO power port. The other end went straight to one of the XT60s on the PDP.

Now we simply mount the RoboRIO to the frame with VHB tape and we're done! We turn the system on and everything turns on including the RoboRIO! This means we're really ready to start developing the software stack and we're ready to start mounting the rest of the electronics.

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