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smart dome greenhouses: ideas and summer updates [updates]

So I initially listed having three projects to do this summer. I'm not going to bump it up to four, I'm going to get rid of one for now. Yesterday, my mom brought up the idea of building a greenhouse for her and her plants, and I like that idea because (a) I get to help her and (b) I like building things.

But then I also started thinking, there's a lot of people around the world that could benefit from a cheap, but decent sized, strong, and spacious greenhouse with some smart monitoring in it. I want to be clear - this project is for my mom, but if we come up with a really good solution - not harm in taking it further.

So I now have three projects this summer:

(1) My UROP

(2) Chip

(3) This greenhouse.




So my plan for this greenhouse is to make the greenhouse for my mom - it'll be big enough where she can walk into the greenhouse and there will be shelves inside to maximize space. I'm going to draw up a design today.

But I'm thinking and dome and I'm thinking some sort of climate control. That includes (1) temperature control, (2) humidity control, and (3) wifi monitoring.

But yea, we also want to make this really easy to make and is cheap and useful and large. So we'll look into options then!

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