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so I got evicted today... [how that affects this]

Sooooo maybe we've heard that all of MIT got kicked out of the dorms because of COVID-19. It's actually really bad. First they told us classes were going online. Then they told us get out by Tuesday, then they told us get out by Sunday. Overall-I'm not unhappy with the response but that does mean I had to say bye to my senior friends and it changes my projects and how those are progressing.

First, I don't think there'll be a 2.12 robot arm anymore... at least not a physical one. Harry Asada told us the class will be moving to virtual robots which is a real shame considering I wanted to build that arm. But I think this'll give me a chance to learn Gazebo.

Second, the CHIP project. That's still continuing from home in Jersey. Packed up the little guy and loaded him in the back of my car. He's now home sitting next to chip one!

But all the other projects, the robot arm, the machining practice and stuff, the Roomba, will all be suspended for the foreseeable future. I might work on one or two extra projects at home depending on how much time I have, but that'll all come later when I decide what I'm doing with my life.

We also cleared out the floor's Robolab today - a really sad time. Hopefully we can continue remotely as a crew and it doesn't just become me on my own building robots.

I know it doesn't sound like it - since this is just key smash - but I'm actually really sad to be leaving MIT for the semester. But, hopefully we will be back soon.

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