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stabilizer updates: oh no, we need to re-design the carrier [updates]

So printing the carrier in like five different pieces ended up being not a good idea because assembling it it proving to be such a nightmare that pieces are cracking and etc. It's not good so we're going to re-design it while we print the rest of the stabilizer. We should have enough to print the stabilizer as a whole because we ordered extra filament but hopefully we can avoid this next time - lessons learned. We want to be able to now, print the camera carrier, in at-most two pieces and let's hopefully make it one. But we also want a good design that doesn't waste material.

Let's try modeling it off of this since this isn't a box. But we're going to make it simple so that it may print without much difficulty. After some tweaking and ideating... here's what we got.

Here's what the new carrier looks like and the good news it it can be printed in ONE PIECE. This is a shame though because it does mean that we've only printed ONE useable part so far. Time to get cracking. I think we'll print this next.

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