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the cube updates: making the first schematic in eagle! [updates]

Now I've been talking about for a while how I'd start working on some EE stuff so we would be able to learn about such things. And finally I got started. I opened up eagle and the first thing I did was download the following two libraries:

(1) Adafruit Eagle Library


(2) Sparkfun Eagle Library


These libraries contain most of the parts to layout things like arduinos/other components that you can find on Sparkfun and Adafruit! So we're going to use it to route out board. Recall the reference schematic we are using: http://electronoobs.com/images/Arduino/tut_31/arduino_uno_scheamtic_ch340.png and we made some heavy modifications to it you can see in the schematic below (which we just put into eagle)!!!

Here's the first routing of the PCB in Eagle! Yay we did a thing. That's the first schematic and it's going to go on the TOP PCB like we show in this diagram.

Yeeee we also made a drawing!!!! This shows what the Cube could look like when fully made. It'd have a nice metal outer casing (CNC'd of course). The motor controller uses USB-C for CAN-Bus as well as for connection to the computer - welcome to the modern world.

Using USB-C means we're going to need to FIND the USB-C connector. So I found one here: https://www.we-online.com/catalog/en/em/COM_3_1_THR_SMT_TYPE_C_RECEPTACLE_HORIZONTAL

And like a good manufacturer, they have the EAGLE FILES!!!

Evidently USB-C is going to be a lot more complicated than we originally though. But with some research I think we can figure it out. Ah yes, google, we love google. https://forum.kicad.info/t/how-to-connect-a-ft232rl-to-a-usb-type-c-connector/18557/6 immediately an answer let's save the pictures.

This is actually an example of how to connect the thing to an Arduino. But what I do want to do is use the USB-C a little differently. I want to use the connector such that two of the ports go to CAN and two of the ports go to USB. https://www.tempoautomation.com/blog/pc-board-layout-for-usb-c-connectors-tempo/ we can also look at this to understand how a USB-C connector works.

We can use one set of TX/RX for USB and the other for CAN-H/L. This above diagram kinda shows us how to route such that the connector is-indeed reversible. You route the opposite connections together like A9-B10 is a tx+! Or something.

Here's a final diagram of that. We're going to try to route this and have friends check if before we blow something you know. But we won't layout this tonight - maybe tomorrow or something!

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