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the cube updates: step two, laying out and schematics of the "Arduino hat" [updates]

Here's the layout of the basic schematic of the Arduino "hat" the top part of the cube controller. Of course it is missing some pieces and it isn't detailed but here's the basics. We'll lay it out in Altium Designer when my brother gives me my laptop back.

There are a few major components here:

(1) The ATMEGA328P with the Arduino boot loader already on it. It has the 16mhz crystal oscillator on one side of it and it is connected to RX/TX and outputs on the other side.

(2) Then there's a USB driver/USB-serial circuit with the CH340G the diodes and the tx/rx pins to the ATMEGA.

(3) Then there are the input/output ports of the whole device itself. The encoder input port and the PWM port to the motor controller which also powers the whole system. There's a reverse polarity protection diode on the PWM 5v input.

(4) There's the ethernet module also as a side, it will sit on-top of the hat we design. The whole thing will be 4mmx4mm, unless we integrate the ethernet on the board then it'll be more like 6mmx6mm.

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