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update on stabilizer and drone project

So I think we are going to switch things up a little

bit and here’s a good things to do. Since we are running the 3D printer what we will do is instead of printing a whole new drone and using the Naza to control it we are going to pull a small switcheroo.

The Naza we will setup and use to control the gimbal we have been designing (not use the ardupilot because that’s really well setup on the heli right now.

What we will do is add the gps to the helicopter - and print a body for the helicopter. That means fixing the landing gear, adding an electronics cover and so on. If all goes well maybe we can put an SLR on that thing too but I don’t think we are there yet.

And we will do this soon so we can learn to fly the helicopter because we always wanted a big drone and we have one we just don’t know how to fly it. We’re likely going to WIPE and re-setup the heli and document that.

That is a better plan.

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