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water filter updates: what's in the water/what are we trying to do? [updates]

Sooo, in high school I spent some time trying to create a water filter that individual families in developing nations would be able to use to filter their water. And here's the overview of that filter.

A lot of the design is based off of CAWST's water filter technology: https://www.cawst.org

So here's what we want to do this summer. We want to start testing this filter for drinkability. Can we take water that could have things in it, and then remove the most common pollutants or at least reduce their contamination level in the water supply. Here is the list:

  • metals, including iron and arsenic

  • organic matter

  • salts

  • viruses

  • bacteria

  • protozoa

  • parasites[5][6]

But the question is how can we verify things like the bacterial content? How do we test for these things?

I think, initially, what we'll probably do. Is we'll get three of these test kits and get some really dirty water and use this test on the dirty water, then test when it passes through the filter, and compare that to our own tap water test.

We know our tap water is safe to drink but we don't want to like try drinking the water that comes out of the filter unless the levels are similar to that of the actual tap water.

Where will we get dirty water? We'll go get some water and mud from the local lake. If we're lucky we'll get some parasites from that water as well. Also, that lake used to be a super fund site which means the water has to be nasty!!! Yay!!!

Yes so we'll go get some terrible water from the boat dock. So this water filter is really cheap to make I think it's ~50 dollars or something. But I also want to test the life of the filter/etc.

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