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we post about you too! [opportunities]

Hellooo everyone! In trying to create a platform where we can share useful information to help people, we want to share your projects too! built-by-nerds is about sharing what we built so everyone can learn from what we make and can try it themselves. So if you have a project we can feature you!

Write a post and send it to us via email at adim@mit.edu!

Here’s what a good post usually contains:

- what inspired this project, why’d you try it?

- what did you do, what parts did you need, how can others recreate what you did? - most importantly, did it go as expected? what did you learn from it, what would you do differently next time? what resources did you make that you can share with others?

Remember! This blog isn’t a resume booster - it’s a sharing platform to help inspire other makers! Please respect that!

Special thanks to everyone who helps make this blog possible from maker educators to contributors and more!

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