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workspace updates: fixing up the basement lab from a few years ago [updates]

Let's start with some picture of the robotics lab we have currently sitting in the basement. This used to be the space where our FRC team (6897) would spend their Friday evenings. Now it's really just a big mess but since I'm home this summer I want to make it mine and my brother's workshop again!

Here's the current layout as drawn from looking at the basement and the pictures of the basement.

So what we want to do is make this layout a lot better so both my brother and I can use this area as a workspace for the summer. I very much plan to bring my monitor and google home down here, and move the speakers around so we can use this place properly. My brother and I sat down and we drew out a new plan for the basement.

So the new lab layout will have two experimental spaces for robots, one large table for building/construction that goes right behind the table with the vacuum and the drill-press. A lane for testing robots and some storage.

Here's the new plan for the basement. We have two experiment areas, one for me one for my brother. And then we have a long robot testing lane. Our desks line the robot testing lane because that's a pretty good place for them so we can see the robot while we're working. Across the lane from the desks is the building table and the drill-press which, we assume, won't be too much in use this summer. Past the radiator is the wood/material storage area.

We're likely going to make experiment area ONE or TWO a photo booth because we like that kind thing. We have some fabric lying around for the back-drop. It's good because we can move our monitors down there and start using the space. And the ground in the basement is concrete, a very similar texture to outdoors. So we can develop indoors with the same amount of grip as we would outside.

We can also get these and foam floor tiles to make the space a little nicer. Now let's see, after a whole afternoon of simply cleaning and moving and cleaning and throwing things out what do we have:

This is my desk with the monitor the jetson nano the keyboard mouse and my robot cart.

Another view of my desk facing the rest of the lab.

Here's a good image of ROBOT ALLEY which allows us to test robots along this stretch. Now we will be covering this with foam tiles tomorrow.

Far view of experiment area one where we plan to put a small robotic garden to see how well that would work. And then there's also a water filtration test setup in the corner.

Here's an image of the first basic layout of the garden.

A view of the drafting/build tables and experiment area two. No plans for that yet.

More views of experiment area one.

My brother at his desk with both of his monitors LOL.

The "machining area" still needs some cleaning up.

Full view of the new lab setup. Should be populated soon.

And there's the puppy!!!! :)

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