research + papers.

Biomimetic lab --> communication speed optimization

dynamometer hardware bringup 

optimizations of actuator gear ratios and torque constants to task-space performance of robots 

chip v2 project --> main platform 

redesigned leg

hoppy leg project 


SEVT battery characterization? 


modeling of fiber-reinforced three-d printed parts from Markforged™ printers. (Dec. 2020)
power + data transfer through wireless coil. mit 6.1311 power electronics class.  (Dec. 2020)
agriculture mechanization overview in colombia. for mit EC.701 d-lab development.  (Fall 2020)
analyzing loading on a robot rope climber. for mit 2.001 mechanics class. (Fall 2020)
analyzing loading of the mars sky crane frame. for mit 2.001 mechanics class. (Fall 2020)
mit 6.146 (maslab) lidar + slam paper. co-authored w/ E. Boehlke + J. Zhang.  (Jan. 2020)
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