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research + papers.

(current research areas)

machine design, mechanical design, design for manufacturing

electric power systems, motors, actuation, transmissions

batteries, motor control, cable-driven robot design

teaching --> The Art + Science of PCB Design

+ MIT 2.007

w/ the MIT Biomimetic Robotics Lab + Professor Sangbae Kim

- focusing mostly on redesigning the "MIT Mini Cheetah," --> design + docs paper 

motor testing platform, and high-torque direct-drive motor module

- design of a robot arm to play ping-pong

mit underactuated robotics class 6.832 --> optimized gear ratio project paper and code linked

(shoutout to my project partner Fiona for being a very smart and amazing friend)


Licence to Fab  is a revamping of MIT Electric Vehicle Team (EVT) focusing on developing an open source hydrogen-fuel cell engine. the goal of this project is to enable the development of hydrogen powered vehicles by proving their efficacy while also providing resources and a knowledge-base for development.

(started as a class project for 2.70 FUNdaMENTALs of Precision Product Design w/ Professor Alex Slocum)

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