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research + papers.

(current research areas) and

swappable batteries for electric vehicles.

electrification to improve healthcare accessibility in rural Ghana.

hydrogen systems to improve crop yield in Costa Rica.

energy-management, and design methodology for hydrogen vehicles.

green hydrogen production methods.

my research focus combines precision machine design and mechatronics to engineer solutions that tackle issues in the developing world that are context-aware, and focused on empowering underserved communities; and can enable us to achieve targets relating to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the global transition to Net Zero by 2050. I also love teaching, and combining engineering education with art and social contexts.

(shoutout to my friends at MIT D-Lab and the Precision Engineering Research Group, MIT EVT, and the MIT Energy Initiative)

teaching --> The Art + Science of PCB Design

+ MIT D-Lab Mobiles 4 Development

+ MIT 2.007 (SP '23)

+ MIT 2.008 (FA '23)

(special thanks to Professor Sangbae Kim, Professor Kait Becker, Dr. Dawn Marie Wendell, my good friend Fischer J. Moseley, and the amazing people at MIT D-Lab).  


the MIT Electric Vehicle Team targets a few critical gaps in hydrogen research. first, is the space of "small hydrogen" systems which have received little attention but could significantly increase demand while also improving energy independence outlooks in developing nations. the second is the lack of "open knowledge" surrounding hydrogen systems. so we're building a platform for both education and research, that could also allow us to push the boundaries of what's possible. focused on evaluating research on real hardware

(started as a class project for 2.70 FUNdaMENTALs of Precision Product Design w/ Professor Alex Slocum)

(shoutout to the amazing team of people that make this work possible)

w/ the MIT Biomimetic Robotics Lab + Professor Sangbae Kim


- focused mostly on redesigning the "MIT Mini Cheetah," --> design + docs paper 

motor testing platform, and high-torque direct-drive motor module

- building a curriculum for teaching mechatronics @ MIT

mit underactuated robotics class 6.832 --> optimized gear ratio project paper and code linked

(shoutout to my project partner Fiona for being a very smart and amazing friend)

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